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Slender Chance Slender Win

11826007_1465859523716099_3759901489993067336_nHer slender chance has become her slender win, or so it seems after recent news places Morgan Geyser in a treatment facility since January 2016. Bruce Vielmetti of the Journal Sentinel explains, “One of the two girls charged in the 2014 Slender Man stabbing case has been getting psychiatric treatment at a state mental hospital after a judge committed her there in mid-January.” According to Anthony Cotton, Morgan’s attorney, “She’s made substantial progress…The voices are disappearing…More recently, Morgan began expressing remorse; she’s starting to feel regular and normal emotions now,” and all as a result of medication and treatment. According to Vielmetti the decision to commit Morgan for treatment was a civil judgment, and is being handled seperately from her criminal case.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.50.24 AMThis is not the only positive development though. As many of you know, last August Judge Michael Bohren ruled that Morgan’s case would not be remanded to juvenile court. Rather she would be tried as an adult for attempted first-degree intentional homicide. If tried and convicted as an adult, the now 13 year old (11 at the time of the crime) would face a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison. Morgan’s attorney subsequently petitioned the Court of Appeals, and that decision is scheduled to be forthcoming. During the lengthy interim, while the Wisconsin state Department of Justice requested three extensions to its deadline, has been coordinating supporters. Our Letter Writing efforts have been on petitioning Judges Paul Reilly, Lisa Stark, and Lisa Neubauer (Court of Appeals), and it has become evident that it is making a difference. A recent local WISN report stated, “People from across the country are pleading for leniency for two young girls suspected in what’s become known as the Slenderman stabbing.” (Nick Bohr, WISN) Bohr continued, “Dozens of letters from all over the U.S. are being sent to the court, asking for leniency for the pair.” According to WISN many of these letters are form written, which are likely those created YOU! We are so pleased that individuals like you have chosen to take the precious time to be Morgan Geyser’s voice. It is equally assuring to know that there are people who are willing to see beyond retribution. Our efforts are focused on taking a very tragic situation, and arresting its course. We cannot undo what has already transpired, but we can take responsibility and inhibit further harm from occurring.

beware-the-slendermanIn other news, “Beware the Slenderman”, an HBO Documentary Film directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky recently made waves at the SXSW Film Festival. According to Vielmetti, Brodsky commented on the participation of Morgan’s parents, saying “she was astonished at the parents’ honesty and called them brave to be part of the film, which she showed each family separately. She said it was emotional because the parents saw their girls have now become their own Internet memes.” (Bruce Vielmetti, Journal Sentinel) While we at have not seen the documentary, we understand that it provides a more objective perception for audiences, concerning the sensationalized case. All of this together may just provide what we have been seeking all along for Morgan Geyser – her slender chance for justice!

Morgan Geyser Needs Support

Crop MorganMorgan Geyser needs support! We are positing the notion that Morgan needs and deserves treatment! There is no way to undo the harm that has already transpired, but we can certainly prohibit any more from occurring. In an increasingly chaotic world with dwindling resources, where overcrowding is the rule not the exception, we can expect to see more and more mental illness. It is easy to dismiss until it touches down in your life, but the devastation it can create is terrifying. As a society we need to take responsibility for our own! Learn more about The Facts.

I was encouraged today by an article in Slate, written by Dahlia Lithwick, concerning Morgan’s Case. It would seem that there is a mainstream voice calling for reason and logic in a case clearly riddled with madness! There is a strong and prevalent push to treat this 12 year old child as a competent adult, and very little credence is being paid to her now diagnosed, yet untreated schizophrenia. As is often the case, she has and is being tried in the media. The media is demonizing Morgan in its endless effort to turn a buck from the misery of the world. It is quite clear that Morgan is mentally ill, and that this untreated mental illness precipitated the violent crime. Even the media has latched on to the figure of Morgan’s delusions, and cast it center stage, coining the phrase: the ‘Slender Man stabbing’. Lithwick’s article is the first mainstream news targeting the decision to try a mentally ill child as an adult, and while Lithwick may not know it, she is doing exactly what we are asking you to do: to speak up for Morgan!

IMG_1263We believe that we can be Morgan’s slender chance – her slender chance at receiving the help she needs! The easy route is clear: lock her up, throw away the key – out of sight, out of mind. But we believe that Morgan Geyser is the canary in the mine. The crime at the center of this case is merely the symptom; the problem is untreated mental illness. I also located an interesting USA Today article posing an argument against trying children as adults in the criminal court system. As most people know, scientific studies have shown that children are not developmentally capable of understanding the cause/effect of their actions in the same manner as adults, which is precisely why the juvenile court system exists. While the USA Today article does not specifically target the elephant in the living room, mental illness, it still represents a minority of journalists who are rightly questioning the Judge’s decision on March 13th.

There is only one hope, one slender chance left for Morgan Geyser, and that is the Reverse Waiver Plea. In this vein we ask that you join our Letter Writing Pool in an effort to influence Judge Michael Bohren to make the humane decision, and remand Morgan to the juvenile court system! There are many ways to get involved though! Engage by commenting on blog posts. Share this page on your social media sites. Tell the people you know, and ask them to tell the people they know. Donate with the button on the Support page – funds which will cover legal fees for Morgan Geyser – and receive a complementary sticker to help promote Morgan’s cause. Be a part of the solution, instead of the problem!

“Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.” ~ Robert Kennedy