Another way to support Morgan, aside from the Letter Writing Pool is to donate to her legal defense. Every contribution, $5 or more, will award donators a sticker (shown below, actual size: 5×5″) which can be displayed in support of Morgan’s cause. As most of you know, legal costs are astronomically high, and Morgan’s case is no exception. Every contribution will support costs associated with Morgan’s imprisonment, legal costs, and treatment. Together we can be her slender chance!


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.42.20 PMMorgan Geyser remains in jail after Judge Michael Bohren decided, on April 24th, 2015, that she is “a danger to the community and a flight risk”. The results of this ruling are tragic at best! Concerning the community, I believe that Morgan’s mother Angie Geyser stated it best in her Petition at Change.Org, “Morgan had no history of violence prior to the incident in May, and has displayed no violent behavior since. Her actions that tragic day were a direct result of the delusions she suffers because of her schizophrenia. In reality, the longer Morgan goes without treatment, the more dangerous she becomes.” Currently she remains in a windowless cell, receiving poor nutrition, without the ability to have any physical contact with her family members, as she awaits trial for first degree attempted homicide. Please take a moment to sign the Petition at Change.Org, which will allow you to quickly and effortlessly add your voice to the chorus calling “Fairness” for Morgan Geyser.